Add Update Systemrefs

Update DB Table ‘systemrefs’

Note: This DB table contains system references and normally will require no changes to be made.
The one exception is probably the 'Staff' value (see below), which normally has a single email address.
If necessary the 'Staff' value can contain more than one email address, separated by a comma (no spaces!), e.g.
How is the 'Staff' value used?
Currently both a member who registers and a member who initiates a payment receives a confirmatory email.
A copy ot these emails is sent to the committee member(s) listed in 'Staff'.
(Any changes made to this DB table will have no effect on cPanel mailboxes or forwarders).
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User access level: User cannot edit.
Webmaster: Secretary:
Membership: Treasurer:
Chairman: Admin:
Staff: Reply:
Sysadmin: Stripe Site Key:
Stripe Secret Key: reCaptcha Site Key:
reCaptcha Secret Key: Webmaster pass:
Admin pass: