The Arthur Bliss Society
UK Radio Broadcasts
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The BBC’s own web page dedicated to Arthur Bliss lists music played in the recent past - much more than we realise - but isn’t as good at giving us advance notice.  Please let us know of any forthcoming broadcasts you hear about so that they can be shown here. Even if you have only a few details, or only rumours of broadcasts, please tell the webteam, who will pursue enquiries.
BBC iPlayer Radio 3 CATCH UP (To listen, click on the work and scroll downt to find how far into the programme the work is played) “Through the Night” on Friday 6 October at 1.40 am includes Violin Concerto Lorraine McAslan (violin), BBC Concert Orchestra (Conductor: Martin Yates) described as the most impressive British violin concerto not in the day-to-day repertoire, (40 minutes in) is available for 28 days.  
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